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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following notes carefully and for any reason you do not understand please feel free to discuss any of the below points with your instructor.

Elite Driving Tuition will be known as EDT in these terms and conditions.

Paid Lessons, Block Booking and Vouchers

Block Booking – NON REFUNDABLE.  No refunds will be given if you decide to leave EDT for whatever reason.

When purchasing a Block Booking, or Vouchers, if the pupil has a break in their lessons for more than 2 months, then the remainder of the block paid lessons will expire and the fee will be lost.

Vouchers – must be used within a 3 month period from date issued (NON REFUNDABLE).

Cancellations Policy

24 hours’ notice must be given if you are unable to keep the lesson booked otherwise the full lesson fee will be payable. 

If cancellations become consistent then, a payment in advance will be necessary to continue further lessons.

Pick Up and Drop off for Lessons

Once an agreed start and finish address is confirmed it can be changed subject to one week’s notice.  This could possibly affect the lesson time being shortened due to the extra travelling.

Change in Pupil Circumstances

When you agree to lessons with EDT if a pupil decides to change their home address / start location, which is not in the current catchment area, and therefore the pupil leaves as a result of this change in circumstances any offers bought will be non refundable and the fee lost. 

If agreed time parameters change for the pupil, for example they could do mornings in the week but can only do Saturdays, EDT cannot guarantee they will be able to fulfil any of these circumstantial changes.  Therefore if the pupil leaves as a result of this change in circumstances, any offers bought will be non refundable and the fee lost.

Test Dates

All practical tests must be confirmed with your instructor prior to booking the test.  The pupil must confirm in writing i.e. via a text message once the practical test is booked with the exact date and time.  It is the pupil’s responsibility to bring all the correct documentation for the test day and fees.  Any outstanding fees must be paid in full before the test date.  Failure to comply will result in the test not going ahead and any cost incurred by the pupil will not be covered. 

Vehicle Breakdown

The driving instructor is not responsible for any fees lost to the pupil due to mechanical breakdown on the day of test.

Use of an EDT car for a Test

If you have taken less than 6 hours of driving lessons with EDT then we will not be able to take you for your practical test.

EDT has the right to stop lessons or for the pupil not to use the car for their test in the following cases:-

  • If the pupil’s driving is below the driving test standard.
  • If the pupil frequently cancels lessons for any reason and does not take the required lessons needed and will not meet test standard prior to their test.
  • If your driving instructor had been negatively affected by the cancellation of lessons for whatever reason.
  • If the pupil is under the influence of any drugs including medical drugs prescribed by a doctor.
  • If the pupil is under the influence of alcohol.
  • If the pupil is at all unwell and this would impact their driving in any way.
  • If any outstanding lessons are not paid for.

Lesson and Test Cancellations

When making a booking and or payment the pupil accepts that EDT is not liable for any costs, damages or losses caused or incurred if a car is not available or lessons or tests for whatever reason.

Each student will be asked to sign that you agree with the above terms and condition s and you will receive a copy of the EDT Terms and Conditions.


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